Let It Go

What could be better than waking up late on Saturday,putting comfy clothes on and knowing that I don’t have to do anything? I thought the same.I was waiting for that all week.Now it’s evening and I’m sitting on my bed and looking back on this Saturday. Not how I imagined. I woke up at 9 o’clock (yes,I’m proud of myself ) and went to the kitchen ,where I bumped into my mum in bad mood.Really bad mood.And do you know what pissed me the most? Not knowing why.But no one in the house knew. So I thought,why the fact that somebody is fed up,should effect me. That’s not my problem,and I probably can’t do much about it. So I wasn’t paying attention to that. Luckily it got better in the afternoon. My advice for not catching negativity (it’s like a disease) is just get far away from the people who spread it and let it go. So I listened to my own advice and went for a walk with my dog. Animals are the best friends…They never ask you what’s wrong.(I think introverts like me will appreciate it.)


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