Love Yourself


You should love yourself.That’s what we hear from everybody. You should love your hair,body,personality because you are perfect. There are articles giving us advice on ,,How to be more confident ,, and first tip is to be comfortable in your own body.How to do it? Just look into the mirror and say to yourself,how pretty you are. I ‘m not saying that this is a bad thing,but we are so focused on ourselfs that we often overlook other people. Have you ever tried to stop whatever you have been doing,and look around on people?  On your family and friends? Maybe you can’t see it ,but they were supporting you,and cheering you up.They were by your side when though times came. They love you. You should show them how much they mean to you. Just say ,,I love you,,.

Today I want to share with you my story about how I realised that I can’t live without my family and friends. Last year in June, I was living my simple life-get up,go to school,hangout with friends,go home and sleep. One day I decided to skip the hangout part and go home. I wasn’t feeling very well. When I got home,I fell into my bed and slept all afternoon. In the evening I got really bad stomach ache and I vomited. My mum was getting really scared and she sugested going to the hospital,but I was convinced that it’s just a flu. So I went to bed. At night the pain became unbearable. I couldn’t lay ,sit or walk. I decided to wake up my parent and go to the hospital. Doctor diagnosed me really bad appendix. They took me to the operating room . After the surgery,they said to me that I was really lucky,because if I would come few hours later,I probably wouldn’t make it. After that I had to rest a lot,and my family and friends were visiting me,calling me and sending nice messages. I was really glad that I have them.Many people asked me if I was scared and I was happy to say that no. Because I knew that I’m not alone. I had my Best Friend by my side .He took of my fear and replaced with peace. He is my comfort no matter what. I will tell you more about him in next posts. This story has a second part,but that’s for another time. If you want to,you can share your own story in comments.I would love to hear them.


2 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Once my doctor told me I had a really serious problem with my health. Soon after that I was going by car and thinking that I am too busy to check all the staff connected with it. Suddenly I just realized what I was thinking about!!! – about my health and maybe life. I did everything what was to do and am safe and sound till now. But it has changed my way of thinking…
    As for friends – I cannot imagine life without them I mean both close family and the friends whom we “collect” while living.
    Best wishes

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