Listen To The Man

Listen to the man that’s loving you…One of my favourites songs and inspiration for my new post.I would love to listen to that man, man who loves me,but he doesn’t exist. Maybe one day…I want to tell you something I never told anybody. I had huge problem with speaking to boys/men. I have no idea were it came from,because they never hurt me or anything…But I was terrified of being alone with them. I didn’t know what we should talk about or do. I was feeling really awkward.That’s probably why I never had a boyfriend. It’s better now and I’m really glad that I could overcome my fear. But I actually told it to somebody-my Best Friend. I think that without him ,it would be still really bad.  He gives me courage to deal with it. Sometimes I’m wondering how people can live without Him. He is the only one who loves me no matter what. I’m happy that I have this secret of my chest. Maybe you could leave story about your fear in comments? I would feel much better knowing that I’m not the only one struggling with fears.


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